Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wall Street International Magazine | Interview with Ray Caesar - posted by FFAB


Wall Street International Magazine Interview with Ray Caesar

The interview was press for the artists latest show in Rome.  The precisely bizarre questions are matched by Ray Caesars candor and thoughtfulness. 

Here are just a few of the many interesting questions; 

Your illustrative attention is often focused on hair or feet: are you more connected with the earth or the sky?

Your works of art are pervaded by dualism: Eros and Thanatos, masculine and feminine, peace and storm. Such an alternation is a sort of balance between opposite elements, or rather a bursting fire involved in an apparent calm?

Everybody’s life is a puzzle of nods: how do you release the snares that keep you in a prison?

Have you ever illustrated an olfactory sensation? If yes, how has it stimulated your creativity?

Sometimes in your paintings – may I take the liberty to call them in this way? – appear some trees or a flower, some delicious small animals. Why don't you invest part of your energies to personify plants and animals? For instance, how do a flower, or a tree or a butterfly suffer or rejoice? What do you think they could tell you?    

You can find the whole interview with all of Ray's answers here; 
Interview with Ray Caeser 

Translation by Franco Romanò
Courtesy: Dorothy Circus Gallery - Ray Caesar/Gallery House 
Published: Monday, 10 February 2014
Article by:  Patrizia Boi

After reading this interview I think my questions to artists will always feel inadequate. 

Please visit all the links especially Ray Caesar's personal page.  He has one of the best artists pages I've ever visited. I love this man's work!  GL 

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