Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Video of the Week" with Jeff Koons -- by Florida Fine Art Blog

Interesting YouTube with Jeff Koons showing his factory like process.  The train sculpture, Jeff explains in the video, was a commission piece for the Los Angeles County Museum that was set to open in 2011.  Thanks to slow fundraising the date has been pushed back to no earlier than 2014, if ever.  The 25 million dollar price tag would have been the most expensive public art project ever.  With the current economy and the fact that the museum is 100 million dollars in debt it would take a private donation for the whole amount to get the project back on track.  I think it would be quite an experience to stand under a full scale 70 foot long 1944 Baldwin train locomotive suspended from a 161 foot tall crane, which would be moving its wheels, blowing its whistle and letting off steam.  Lets hope someone writes the check.  GL

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