Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sick Week! -- by Florida Fine Art Blog

Sorry to you dear readers.  It has been a week since I last posted anything.  I have been suffering from a cold for several weeks now that turned into walking pneumonia and am just starting to feel better.

I have been busy and have been working some great new ideas for the blog.  This week I will be posting another "Artist Spotlight" and a new restaurant review.

Also I will be starting two new ongoing series to the blog.  The first new series is called "What to do with Art" and will be short essays on topics explaining and answering questions that I get all the time pertaining to art work.  Some of the questions are basic like; What makes a painting valuable? or Do I try to match a painting to my couch?  Some of the topics will be more involved like: How to build a collection; What are the copyright laws pertaining to artwork; How to insure artwork; and Should you buy originals or prints.  I have given talks on many of these subjects in the past and people are always asking me to write them all down, so I thought the blog would be a great place to go into more detail.  Look for the first in the series this week.

 The second series "Art Around the Web" will highlight great art websites that I find.  There are so many art websites around the world filled with great information.  Some are from museums and some just good art reference websites.  I will try to highlight one every week.

Again, sorry I have not posted much lately but I hope to make up for it in the coming weeks!  GL

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