Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Video of the Week" -- Jen Stark -- by Florida Fine Art Blog

My mother is taking an art history class and we were recently discussing Henri Matisse and his wonderful colorful "cutouts."  Toward the end of Matisse's life he lost the ability to paint so he began making collages using colored paper creating what he called his "cutouts" or "paintings with scissors."  That got me thinking about an artist from Miami, Jen Stark, and the similarities in their work.  Like Matisse, Jen works by cutting colored paper into works of art.  Also like Matisse, Jen chose colored paper out of necessity.  Mattisse chose to cut up colored paper because his hands could no longer hold a paint brush, Jen chose colored paper because it was the least expensive material she could find in the art supply stores.  

Jen Stark has shown her work all over South Florida.  Along with the colorful sculptural cutouts, Jen creates beautiful works with ink pens on paper.  It is the simplicity of Jen's work and her knowledge of composition and color that attract me.  In the video below, first posted on YouTube by Art Street Miami, some of Miami's gallery owners discuss Jen's rise in the local art scene and the possibilities for her future.  If you would like to see more of Jen's work please visit her fun website listed below and check out her latest work this December at Scope Art Fair at Carol Jazzar’s booth #A21 during Art Basel week. GL

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