Sunday, April 25, 2010

Welcome to my new blog!

Flafineart Blog focuses on the visual arts in Florida with a little
architecture and food along the way. “Truth, Beauty, and Some Stories
to Tell” is how I would describe it.

My name is Glenn Lochrie and I live in sunny South Florida.  I'm an
award winning art dealer, art appraiser and judge of art competitions
with 15 years experience.  My love for art has taken me to beautiful
far away places but it’s my home, Florida, which keeps me excited.

Florida is new in so many ways.  The rest of the world has just begun
to take notice of the art being produced and sold here.  Although
artists have been here for a long time, Florida’s art scene has been
hard to categorize.  Our state has a diverse population and is divided
into different regions each with a different aesthetic.  Maybe that is
to Florida’s benefit.  We have not just one art movement but many
happening independently of each other reflecting the many different
cultural communities that have made a home here in “The Sunshine

My travels around to galleries, museums, public spaces, and artist
studios are sublime experiences that I would like to share on this
blog.  From the ceramics being created in the tiny town of Havana
Florida right outside Tallahassee to the watercolors completed on the
streets of Duval in Key West.  From the high-end galleries in Naples
selling blue chip artists to the traditional wildlife plein air
painters of Winter Haven.  From the world class bronze foundry in
Tampa to an impressive glass gallery in New Smyrna Beach.  From the
internationally important art scene in Miami’s Wynwood District to an
outdoor Highwaymen festival a local’s favorite in Fort Pierce.  The
work being created here by Floridians and the work being displayed by
Florida’s galleries and museums is of world-class caliber.  A short
trip to anywhere in this State will result in a profound artistic
experience that I hope more will begin to seek out.

I will not only be pointing out and promoting artists to see
throughout Florida but will occasionally showcase the great
architecture I find and even help promote a tasty neighborhood
restaurant or two.  I will be eliciting the help from my beautiful
wife Christine as she is a talented architect and shares my passion
for art, architecture and everything related to Florida.  I will try
to keep updated on all the new museum and gallery exhibitions
occurring in Florida and post pictures of what I attend.  I also want
to highlight a different subject every week; photo spreads of artist
portfolios with interviews, museum reviews plus links to any
significant news articles about fine art and photos from Florida’s
exceptional architectural finds.

The plan is not to come at this as an art critic but more as a fan,
although I realize that by my selections I will be revealing part of
my aesthetic and bias.  This blog is a work in process as all blogs
should be.  My hope is that some of my enthusiasm for the arts will
rub off and get you, the reader, to go out and support your local
artist.  I encourage feedback; if you have a favorite artist or museum
or even restaurant we should get to know tell us about it and I’ll
help shamelessly plug them.

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DOLORES said...

How great to discover your blog!I am a resident of Florida and have a blog that I wrote as a summative presentation to my adviser at Univ. of Alaska - She had suggested that since I had exploited all the art ed courses there online that I create my own course with syllabus, etc. and she would present it to the University committee..It was accepted and that is how this blog came about.

I invite you to take a look and enjoy what I had discovered here in Florida - it is a wonderful place and full of life with flora and fauna all about. Unfortunately we are seeing it disappear under the guise of "change and advancement." I hope there will not be a time when we forget what Florida is like and everything we have here that is so beautiful. My blog is:

Meanwhile I am enjoying your blog tremendously and hope to meet you at one of the Florida Cultural workshops/meetings/classes. Thank you.
Dolores Russo
Photographer and Artist
"A photograph is usually looked at - seldom looked into." Ansel Adams