Sunday, October 3, 2010

Art Around the Web -- Lascaux -- by Florida Fine Art Blog

Lascaux, the famous cave complex in southern France, is now on the web.  Utilizing 3d digital rendering this wonderful website allows viewers to tour the original caves seeing all of the early artwork.  The paintings are 17,300 years old but the reason they were painted is still being debated.  Some think they were simply representing the animals from their hunting successes.  New studies have concluded that the dots and figure patterns found in the artwork are elaborate star maps used by early man.  Still others have concluded that the artwork was a product of deep hallucinations and the patterns found on the cave walls are a product of ritualistic trance like states.  The caves are now closed to limit the damage already caused by overexposure and mold.  This website gives a real sense of the caves and allows you to explore the paintings at your own pace.  GL


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