Monday, October 11, 2010

Glenn Lochrie Appointed to the Florida Council on Arts & Culture -- by Florida Fine Art Blog

I am honored to announce that I have been appointed to the Florida Council on Arts & Culture by Florida's Governor Crist.  The Governor has been a real champion of the arts in Florida, balancing the current budget constraints with the State's need for a strong arts culture.   The Council serves such an important role for our State.  It is clear that without the proper advocacy Florida runs the risk of weakening our world quality art experiences, denying our children a well rounded education and losing out on a gold mine in cultural tourism.  I hope to bring a better awareness of how the dollars we spend in the arts reflect back into the community.  My life long passion has been to improve the arts in Florida and with this opportunity I will get to know everyone who makes an impact on our culture and be able to make a difference for our State. 

Here is the Official Press Release
Florida Division of Cultural Affairs Website

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