Thursday, May 27, 2010

Casa D' Angelo Ristorante -- by Florida Fine Art Blog

For the first restaurant review we do on this blog I thought I would start at the top of the food chain, Casa D’ Angelo in Fort Lauderdale.  The restaurant is Christine and my favorite and we celebrated our second wedding anniversary there last week. Casa D’ Angelo is Italian, Tuscan cooking done with great skill and the freshest of ingredients.

The Owner and Chef, Angelo Elia, is a masterful host making each visit a special event.  The staff at the restaurant is professional and friendly.  Our visits to Casa d’ Angelo have been some of the best dining experiences we have ever had. To tell the truth, with the large selection of nightly specials, I have yet to order from the menu.  And Angelo has the most compelling wine list in South Florida.  My only warning would be that Casa D’ Angelo is expensive, but so worth it.  

Chef Angelo also has restaurants with the same name in Boca Raton and the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.  Not busy enough, the Chef has recently opened another restaurant in Fort Lauderdale simply called D’Angelo Pizza.  A more casual but still upscale setting, D’Angelo’s menu has simple Italian dishes.  A Pizza/Tapas/Wine Bar D’Angelo Pizza has quickly become the “In Spot” for lunch.   

Last week as Christine and I shared our anniversary dinner together I exclaimed, “This is the best I have ever tasted!”  Christine laughed and reminded me that “you say that every time we come”, and I reminded her “and every time it’s true!” GL 

4215 North Federal Highway, Oakland Park, FL 33308-5532 (954) 561-7300


Anonymous said...

Yumm...Can't wait till Dec 2nd.

Anonymous said...

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