Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Video of the Week" -- Andreas Franke's Underwater Art Exhibition -- by Florida Fine Art Blog

This video is of an underwater art exhibition off the coast of Key West.  Andreas Franke, a commercial photographer, spent time shooting underwater at the Vandenberg military ship wreck.  Andreas took those images and digitally created over 20 stunning surreal images of what life was like aboard the ship in its heyday before it sank. Then the Australian artist and avid diver did something truly unique, he used the underwater wreck as his art gallery and opened the exhibition to anyone who wanted to dive down the 90 feet required.  I wonder how the pieces are mounted?  I wonder how he attached the pieces to the wreck?  I wonder if the parks service will let the exhibition stay and become part of the wreck itself?  I may have to dust off my regulator, bc and mask and go see for myself.  GL

Please visit the exhibitions website here

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