Friday, August 13, 2010

"Video of the Week" -- Clyde Butcher -- by Florida Fine Art Blog

Clyde Butcher is a great American artist living and working here in Florida.   I'm lucky to call him a friend.  Over the years I have sold his work, appraised his work and I have two of his pieces in my personal art collection.  It would be hard to have a collection of art focusing on Florida and not include his work.  The first thing I did after photography school is run to Clyde's studio out in the Everglades to see how he produced such large scale photographs.  I wanted to see his enlarger.  Clyde was gracious enough to show me around and answer all of my questions.  Over the years I would see him at Coconut Grove art show or when I went out to visit him in the Glades.   We talked about doing a show together but never have, maybe one day.

This is a promotional video of a show Clyde did in Saint Paul, MN this past year.  Although Clyde is known for his work in the Everglades he has completed work in all 50 States.  In the video Clyde describes his process and gives some personal history.  From this video the show in Saint Paul looked beautiful.  Clyde begins talking at about the 1:22 min mark.  GL

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