Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hale Woodruff -- Happy Birthday -- by Florida Fine Art Blog

Hale Woodruff - August 26, 1900 - September, 1980

This is the birthday of the great muralist Hale Woodruff.  Know as a painter and printmaker Mr. Woodruff spent most of his life working and teaching at many of Georgia's colleges. 

Hale Woodruff spent time in Paris during the 20's and 30's learning his craft.  He was influenced by the cubists as his early work reflects.  Mr. Woodfuff also studied with and was inspired by Diego Rivera, the famous Mexican artist and muralist.  The murals that Mr. Woodruff completed during the Great Depression for the Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Company in California (a collaboration with Charles Alston), and the Art of the Negro at Clark Atlanta University Art Galleries are what he is most know for.  Purvis Young, Miami's most famous artist and muralist, spoke of Hale Woodruff and his influence.

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