Sunday, August 29, 2010

Two Of Frank Lloyd Wright Houses Up For Sale -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

The LA Times had an article today about two Frank Lloyd Wright houses that can't find any buyers.  The Ennis House in LA and the Alice Millard House in Pasadena both designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1920's are up for sale.  The Ennis House was originally put on the market last summer for $15 million and is now reduced to $7.5 million.  The Millard House is priced at $5 million down from $7.8 million.  Both houses are made of Wright's trademark textile-block building system and both show the influence of Mayan Architecture.  The foundations that oversee the historic homes found they could no longer afford the high cost of restoration and maintenance and are now looking for buyers.  What is more incredible than having two Wright houses up for sale at the same time is that there appears to be no buyers.  Could the housing market in California be that bad? GL

The Alice Millard House Website


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