Thursday, December 30, 2010

St. Petersburg Times -- Spending on Arts Pays Off -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Spending on arts pays off with big bucks in St. Petersburg, study says -- St. Petersburg Times

"St. Petersburg's USF economic impact study is the first one that tried to quantify what the arts and cultural institutions actually do for the economy", said Elizabeth Brinklow, the city's cultural affairs manager.  The study "answers a lot of questions", said council member Jeff Danner. "The arts really are a job generator and an economic engine."  "When you think about why businesses move here or why educated and successful people move to a community, arts plays a big role in that", St. Petersburg council member Karl Nurse said. "It has been interesting to watch to see the evolution of how people appreciate the arts."

The study reinforces that view. It was requested by John Collins, the chairman of St. Petersburg's volunteer Arts Advisory Committee. It was prepared by Maria Luisa Corton, an economics professor, who surveyed 32 arts and cultural organizations, which included the Children's Museum Great Explorations, the St. Petersburg Museum of History, the Dali, and businesses such as art galleries, including one owned by Council Chairwoman, Leslie Curran.

The study concluded that the respondents spent $16 million on wages, rent and marketing activities, while generating $26 million in revenue. GL

St. Petersburg Times Article

FAB! awarded $150,000 from the Knight Foundation - posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Funding Arts Broward awarded $150,000 from the
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. 

Funding Arts Broward, Inc. (FAB!) is a non-profit arts organization committed to preserving and cultivating the arts in Broward County, Florida. FAB! was formed in response to the need for private financial support following drastic government budget cuts in the arts.  With this grant, FAB will establish the "Knight New Work Awards" which they believe will be a catalyst for Broward County cultural presenters to innovate, to invest in the professional development of their creative personnel, to purchase necessary equipment, to collaborate with guest artists, and more.

This year the Knight Foundation awarded $3.8 million in grants in South Florida as part of the Knight Arts Challenge but only three in Broward; the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood ($25,000), FAB! ($150,000) and William Stewart's Rhythm of Africa Music Program ($25,000). FAB!'s grant was among the largest for this program. This is a testament to the leadership of FAB! and the work they have done in the community.

FAB! is a great organization, with some family ties, that has stepped up to try and fill the gaps created by budget cuts and lack of public moneys for the arts.  The problems facing arts organizations are going to have to be solved by passionate people coming together with fresh ideas.  FAB! has taken the lead and it is great they are getting the recognition they deserve.  GL

Sun Sentinel Article about the Grant
FAB! website

36th Annual Miccosukee Indian Art Festival -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

December 26th - January 2nd
at the Miccosukee Indian Village
9am - 5pm
Mile Marker 70, U.S. Highway 41, Tamiami Trail, Miami, FL 33194 

This is a great event that I have been to many times.  Original artwork, jewelry, textiles and other arts and crafts.  Plus Aligator shows, airboat rides and plennty of dancers and singers from around the country.  This is a great place to be this weekend with the cool weather.  Children will LOVE it!  GL

Festival website
Miccosukee website

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SKOT OLSEN -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY -- by Florida Fine Art Blog

Happy Birthday Skot! 
Skot Olsen is my favorite painter and a great friend.  Always into everything cool before its cool Skot has blazed more trails here in the South Florida Art Scene then anyone I know.   Skot is one of those artists that has to be included in any contemporary Florida art collection, he is uniquely ours!  I did my first blog interview with Skot which you can find here.  Also check out Skot's website to see all the latest work. Cheers to Skot and the world he lets us see through his artwork!  GL

Skot Olsen website

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas - by Florida Fine Art Blog

The Nativity with Donors and Saints Jerome and Leonard, ca. 1510–15

Gerard David (ca. 1455–1523)
Oil on canvas transferred from wood

The depiction of the forest scene on the exterior wings of this triptych, exhibited at the left, was meant to encourage contemporary viewers to empathize with the Virgin and Joseph and to journey with them to Christ’s birthplace. The notion of a journey is underscored here by the appearance of Joseph, who wears traveler’s garb—a short robe, long hose, and soft boots—and carries a walking stick. The treatment of the Nativity scene is otherwise conventional: the symbolic content emphasizes the purpose of the Incarnation—that is, Christ’s sacrifice for the redemption of humankind.

The details surrounding the commission of this sumptuous altarpiece are unknown, and the kneeling donors have not been identified; they may have been a Catherine and an Anthony, for they appear in the guise of the saints of these names, along with Saints Jerome and Leonard.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a nice Christmas Special on their website with great pictures of early paintings with the nativity theme. On the site you can read or hear the Christmas story while examining the fantastic images.

Check it out here- The Christmas Story in Art. GL