Friday, October 15, 2010

Art Around the Web -- Marcel Duchamp -- by Florida Fine Art Blog

Marcel Duchamp!  My Aunt Mary Alice and I were recently discussing Duchamp so I thought I would post this website dedicated to understanding Duchamp's work.  Marcel was a brilliant and complicated artist.  Long before Jackson Pollock took the brush off the canvas, Marcel Duchamp threw the brush away entirely.  "Fountain", the piece pictured above, is probably his most controversial work.  It still makes peoples' heads explode when it's explained.  "That's not art!" is the cry from most.  If there is anyone to be acknowledged for inspiring today's conceptual art, it's Duchamp.  I have at times been a little obsessed with Duchamp and his work because there is so much to learn and explore.  But even with a good understanding and appreciation for his work, I can still catch myself saying, "really?!?"

Making Sense of Marcel Duchamp Website
Marcel Duchamp Website

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