Monday, May 17, 2010

Arts starved of state funds -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Funding for the Arts in Florida are being cut again. The recession in Florida has made a dramatic difference where we spend our money. In 2007 the state allocated $32 million to the Arts or $2.26 per person, putting us in 7th place for states' art spending. This current fiscal year ending June 30th, Florida ranks in at 49th per capita spending with just 14 cents per person being spent. Next year's $70.6 billion dollar budget has just $950,000 dollars allocated for all the hundreds of non-profit art organizations throughout our state. That's a 65% cut from this year. It's obvious that you can't run an organization properly with funding being so chaotic. The art organizations will have to find new revenue sources to survive. The government can no longer be relied on for much help. Community outreach is the key. Organizations should focus on the needs of the community they serve and come up with new ways to attract a larger audience. The next patrons of the arts need to be cultivated; the younger generations in Florida are art savvy and need to be included in the discussion process. Thanks to the new social media, the younger generations are already organized and send each other far more information every day than any previous generation. Very few art organizations in Florida have taken advantage of these new incredible possibilities that are free and very effective. The organizations that tap into Florida's next leaders and patrons will flourish. 

To those who have a museum or organization in their city that they love, now is the time to show your support. Now is the time to write that check. We have some of the best art organizations in the world in Florida and today they desperately need your support. GL

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