Thursday, June 10, 2010

"The Hukilau" this Weekend in Fort Lauderdale -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

 Get out your Hawaiian shirt and get ready to Tiki!  This weekend in Fort Lauderdale is the 9th annual Hukilau.  The Hukilau is an annual event celebrating Hawaiian and Polynesian Pop culture while honoring a historic Tiki bar/location.  In California and around the world there is a large growing "tiki culture"  for anything from the 50's.  The tiki culture includes hotrods, tiki heads, skeletons, voodoo lounges and large rum drinks with umbrellas.  The Hukilau first started at Trader Vic's in Atlanta back in 2002 but the annual event has since permanently moved to Fort Lauderdale and partnered up with the oldest, last great Tiki bar in America, The Mai Kai (opened in 1959).  

This is a fun event.  There  is food, great music and a wonderful art show.  This year Herold Golden is putting the art show together (his shows should not be missed).  There will be tiki carving lessons, silk screen lessons, ukulele music and lots of rum!  Also one of the best and now most famous artists from the genre, Shag will be in attendance with new paintings and will even take part in a "Meet and Greet".

People from around the world will be coming to the Mai Kai like they are on a pilgrimage to the holy land.  Attendees have described the experience as if they were transported back in time to the 1950s and were watching a live performance in one of the many Tiki palaces that used to grace almost every major city in America.  We are spoiled here in South Florida to have the Mai Kai.  This event is not to be missed!  Most events are at the Bahia Mar, check with the Hukilau website below.  GL

Shag website
Mai Kai website

The Hukilau...a little Polynesia in America's Vacationland website

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