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Futurism: Concepts and Imaginings
January 12, 2014 - March 30, 2014

Futurism: Concepts and Imaginings features seven Italian artists from the first (1908-1919) and second (1920s-1930s) waves of Futurism, a dynamic movement that glorified the energy and speed of modern life. These artists genuinely believed in modern marvels like locomotives, automobiles, and airplanes, and heralded the death of museums and libraries as outmoded institutions of culture in their paintings, drawings, performances, and poetry.

Giacamo Balla, Alberto Bragaglia, Roberto Crippa, Giulio d'Anna, Gerardo Dottori, Pippo Rizzo, and Lucio Venna are represented by 36 drawings, collages, and paintings from the collection of Commendatore Stefano Acunto and Mrs. Carole Haarmann Acunto. The vibrant colors and striking imagery of the artwork truly expresses the Futurist dedication to depicting energy and motion and are central to understanding the trajectory of artistic movements of Cubism and Divisionism. The subjects of many pieces are circus performers constantly in motion; the perfect milieu for the Futurists to capture.

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