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Art Business Workshop at Art Serve - posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Florida Workshop Series Teaches Business to Artists

Baltimore, MD March 10, 2014 - The Arts Business Institute, will present a series of four business workshops in Florida this April. This series is co-sponsored by Florida Craftsmen, a statewide organization promoting fine craft art. The schedule begins with a workshop event in Ft. Lauderdale on March 31 – April, followed by an Orlando workshop on April 2-3, a workshop in St. Petersburg April 7-8, and a workshop event in Tallahassee on April 10-11.

Each business workshop presents sound principles that address the difficulties many artists face in marketing and selling their work, as well as specialized information from experts in the industry.

Presentations include: How to Wholesale, Building Gallery Relationships, Pricing for Profit and Sales Strategies. Personal critiques and consultations are available on the second day of each event for artists who pre-schedule. Tuition is $95.00.

The focus of each workshop is to assist creative entrepreneurs in moving from part-time to full-time businesses through better understanding their target market and how to reach it effectively.

Arts Business Institute founder Wendy Rosen says, “Many of our students have found our intensive workshop experience transformational, and we are pleased to see artists who have attended increase their sales and grow their businesses. One of our most popular workshop features is the personalized business consultation, where we address challenges and discuss specific strategies for the individual

Details and registration information can be found on The Arts Business Institute website.

The Arts Business Institute is a 503(c) nonprofit organization devoted to helping artists and craftspeople launch and grow successful businesses. For the past sixteen years, ABI has worked with artists and craftspeople to develop their businesses and provide a pathway to the wholesale marketplace. 

The Arts Business Institute can be found online at

The good folks at Art Business Institute sent the above presser over and I'm happy to post it.  The seminar topics sound informative.  I haven't seen any of the e-course, books or cd's they are selling so can't vouch for them but there probably worth a look. I can tell you when I was just starting out I took an art selling workshop, given in a hotel conference room.  I wish I could remember the mans name who taught the course to give him proper credit but it was 20 years ago.  Anyway, I didn't have high hopes for the course at the time but I still draw on the information I learned in that course all these years later.  Sometimes you need someone who has compiled information from experience to set you in the right direction.  
They also have a great website with tips and links to articles worth a look.  I really like the artist page which highlights artists with a short interview, pictures of their work and a link to the artists websites.  

As I've mentioned in past posts, Art Serve, the venue for these workshops in Fort Lauderdale is a great resource for artist in South Florida. I highly recommend taking advantage of all they have to offer.  GL 

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