Friday, April 25, 2014

Warhol exhibit extended at Dalí Museum - posted by FFAB

About the Exhibit
“Warhol: Art. Fame. Mortality.” explores how Andy Warhol learned from Dali’s public visibility and was equally attuned to the images derived from mass culture. The exhibit considers Warhol’s seldom discussed engagement with other artists through his own painting, how he constructed an approach to the image in terms of celebrity and fame, and finally his treatment of painting and image as it pertains to human mortality.

“Warhol: Art. Fame. Mortality.” showcases more than 100 works, including paintings, screen prints, photographs, and a selection of Warhol films and screen tests featuring the likes of Salvador Dali, of course, as well as other artists. Visitors will get the chance to experience “15 minutes of fame” when they star in their own screen-test video which will be emailed to them to save and share.
  • Admission: The Warhol exhibit is included in the price of admission.
  • Lectures: A free 20-minute, docent-led lecture will take place daily Mon-Fri & Sun at 2pm (Saturday lectures are at 12pm) in the Museum’s theater.
  • Tours: Private, docent-led guided tours of the Warhol exhibit are available. To inquire about rates or to schedule, contact
  • Educational Program Events: We have designed a host of unique and relevant programs for this exhibit covering a wide range of topics to engage the mind and reflect the human experience. For an active list of upcoming lectures, films and other special programs, please visit our Calendar of Events.
  • Shopping: Take a piece of Warhol home with you by visiting The Dali Museum store to stock up on exhibit-inspired t-shirts, posters, books, jewelry and more. Store Hours

Dali and Warhol

“Warhol and Dali lived in New York City at the same time. The photos of the two of them suggest a certain reticence. Perhaps they knew how much alike they were. Artistically they are of the same species – both radical. If Dali is radical in the way he delivered his subject of the changeable self through many media – painting, sculpture, film, and language – Warhol is radical in allowing media to provide his subject – faces from the tabloids and glossy magazines, products from the catalog of the American consumer. If Dali used popular media to present his vision of the dream world, Warhol used popular media as the subject of his art. Warhol was one of the American artists most marked by the legacy and model of Salvador Dali.”

- Dr. Hank Hine, Executive Director of The Dali

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