Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday - Dali - posted by FFAB

I was looking for a painting to post for Good Friday and I chose the Crucifixion by Dali in honor of the Dali Museum here in Florida.  When I Googled "painting of Crucifixion" or "Crucifixion in the Arts" I was stuck by how many artists through the years have depicted the event.   It must be one of the most represented events ever depicted in the arts.  

Growing up as a Roman Catholic and having attended only religious schools the Crucifixion was very prominent in my childhood.  In both paintings and sculptures the image of a man being tortured and brutally killed was all around me.  Strange to think back on those images and how realistic and twisted some of the depictions were.  GL   

Dali Museum website
Crucifixion in the Arts - Wiki page

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