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IMMEDIATE-ACTION REQUEST from Florida Cultural Alliance- State of Florida Arts Funding in Jeopardy - posted by FFAB

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Help restore state funding for the State Touring Program (STP) in Florida's 2014-2015 budget.

The STP directly impacts you and your communities.  Please invest a few minutes this week to follow these simple steps. YOU can make a difference.  Thank you.

Dear State Touring Program Companies and Presenters:
     We have a real opportunity to get the State Touring Program (STP) back in Florida's budget this year. It has been at zero funding for the last five years in the state budget. 
     BUT, this year, the Senate has recommended $200,000 for the STP in Florida's 2014-2015 budget.  HOWEVER, the House still has zero for STP.  This is where you can make a big difference.

Woman pointing at viewer with both fingers     You and other STP advocates can communicate NOW to key Florida legislators who will meet early next week to make decisions if STP will make it in Florida's 2014-2015 budget.

Please see below a list of the key legislators who have the power to fund the STP in Florida's budget.

Please continue after the break to find out the 
3 Simple Steps you can take today 
To Help Restore Arts Funding in Florida. 

     Please follow the three simple steps below, and please take a few minutes to send your e-mails to these key legislators this week.
They are listed below, along with their e-mail addresses.   

Step 1:  Everyone who receives this e-mail should send e-mails to the following:

              Chairman Andy Gardiner 

              Chairman Ed Hooper

              Chairman Joe Negron

              Chairman Seth McKeel 
Step 2:  Check to see if additional legislators are listed below under the county where you live.  If so, please send them an e-mail, too.
Step 3:  Below is a suggested e-mail you can copy, edit, and paste into your e-mails to these legislators.  It's so important that you briefly PERSONALIZE your e-mails.  If you are writing as a STP company or presenter, briefly share the value this program brings to your company and/or the communities you represent.
     Suggestions for Subject Box (select one or create one):  
     --Please restore funding for the State Touring Program
     --Please fund the State Touring Program at $200,000
     --State Touring Program Serves Many Counties - please fund.
     --Invest $200,000 for the State Touring Program
     --State Touring Program Reaches Thousands - please fund.
     Suggested e-mail message:

     Select the proper heading for each legislator you plan to send      this e-mail to and enter his or her last name -- see list below:
Dear Chairman_________:
Dear Representative________:
Dear Senator___________ :
     I am so thankful the Senate recommends $200,000 for the State Touring Program (budget line item 3143A).  However, I understand the House has $0 in its budget for this statewide program. 

     I know firsthand how this program transforms and enriches lives, especially children's, and communities throughout our state.  If funded, STP can provide hundreds of educational music, theatre, and dance activities to citizens and visitors in many Florida counties that are classified as under-served.  

     Please restore and fund the State Touring Program in our state's 2014-2015 budget at the Senate recommendation of $200,000.  
     Thank you for your time and consideration.

Add your name and address 
List of Key Legislators -- check your county below and send your e-mail/s to those listed under your county.  All of you should send e-mails to the chairmen listed above.

Alachua, Baker, Columbia, Hamilton, Suwannee:
Representative Elizabeth Porter
Alachua, Baker, Columbia, Hamilton, Suwannee
(850) 717-5010 
Brevard County:
Chairman Andy Gardiner
Brevard, Orange
Representative Tom Goodson
Brevard, Orange
(850) 717-5050 

Broward County:

Senator Jeremy Ring
Representative Hazel Rogers, democratic ranking member of House TED
(850) 717-5095

Duval County:
Vice Chairman Lake Ray, vice chairman of House TED
(850) 717-5012   
Representative Reggie Fullwood
(850) 717-5013 

 Hillsborough County:
Senator Tom Lee

Lake, Marion, Volusia Counties:
Senator Dorothy Hukill

Miami-Dade County:
Senator Gwen Margolis

Representative Frank Artiles
(850) 717-5046

Representative Jeanette Nuñez
(850) 717-5119 

Representative Jose Oliva

(850) 717-5110

Representative David Richardson
(850) 717-5113 


Orange County:

Chairman Andy Gardiner
Brevard, Orange
(850) 487-5013

Senator Geraldine Thompson
(850) 487-5012

Representative Bruce Antone
(850) 717-5046

Representative Tom Goodson
Brevard, Orange
(850) 717-5050

Representative Victor "Vic" Torres, Jr.
(850) 717-5048

Pinellas County:

Chairman Ed Hooper, chairman of House TED
(850) 717-5067  

Senator Jack Latvala
(850) 487-5020

Representative Kathleen Peters
(850) 717-5069 


Senators and Representatives Who Serve As Chairs and Vice Chairs of Full Appropriations Conference Committee 

Indian River, Martin, Palm Beach, St. Lucie Counties:

Senator Joe Negron serves as chair the full Appropriations Conference Committee
(850) 487-5032 
Charlotte and Lee Counties:
Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto serves as vice chair of the full Appropriations Conference Committee
Polk County: 
Representative Seth McKeel serves as co-chair of the full Appropriations Conference Committee
(850) 717-5040  
Brevard County:
Representative Steve Crisafulli serves as co-vice chair of the full Appropriations Conference Committee

 May I wait to take action on this alert?

No.  Please send these e-mails this week.  Once the appropriations conference committee meetings begin, decisions that impact the final appropriations will be decided quickly.     
Line of question marks 
Questions?  If you have questions or need additional information,  please e-mail us at

Thank you graphic   

Thank you, and let's get the State Touring Program funded in the state budget this year.

Your follow-through will make a difference.

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