Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wynwood Named 19th Most Hipster Neighborhood In America - posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Wynwood Named 19th Most Hipster Neighborhood In America
By Morgan Brennan

Forbes Magazine

Wynwood is known these days for two things: its arts district and its fashion district. In the mid-2000s artists began taking up residence in the area's abandoned warehouses. Today more than 70 galleries occupy the area and the hood hosts an ArtWalk every second Saturday of each month. The area also boasts one of the largest permanent outdoor mural exhibits in the world, called Wynwood Walls.

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The article below explains what happens to the artists once a neighborhood they work in becomes "trendy" and "hip."  High rent prices force out the very same artists that took a low rent district and turned it into a "hip" district. GL

A Rolando Barrero Says: 'Miami IS Dead and it's Dying.  It's Gone Commercial"
By Rebecca Dittmer
NewTimes Blog

"Miami is dead and it's dying. It's gone commercial. All the best galleries have closed and people have retired. People who showed cutting edge work have left and all that's left is 'sanctioned' work, work that has already been christened as good," says Barerro with resignation. "The rent is so high, so they have to bring in work that sells and is collectible. They can't bring in work that makes people think."

Needless to say, Barerro has no plans of heading south. Instead, he has planted his roots in Boynton Beach and plans to tend to the burgeoning arts district there for a long time to come.

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