Sunday, October 7, 2012

Naples Art Association executive director has a new vision for art - posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Naples Art Association executive director has a new vision for art have a nice interview with the Director of Naples Art Association on how she has guided the organization through the recession.  With so many arts organizations and museums having trouble I thought some of her ideas deserved highlighting.  One in particular, reaching out to the artist members in the community and seeing what their needs are, finding out how to better serve them, was a great idea.  In these challenging times, if you want support from the community you had better be supporting the community yourself.  With programs and exhibitions that are from and about the local community, with the community's involvement and input, a museum can still thrive.  Treating a museum like a private club, dictating from on high with exhibition ideas that do not reflect the community and shunning the local artists input are sure ways to turn off the very people you need.  Art Museums and art organizations should become so vital and well known that when funding cuts or program cancellations are discussed the whole community speaks up in support of the organization not just the few whose jobs are on the line.  GL Article Link
Naples Art Association Website

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