Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Best Bizarre Statues Or Public Art In South Florida -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Edward Leedskalnin creator of the Coral Castle 
by Skot Olsen

Best Bizarre Statues Or Public Art In South Florida

CBS Miami by Glenn Osrin

Everyone’s definition of bizarre differs, yet is greatly influenced by what society expects to be normal. When it comes to statues or public art, message, presentation, color or location can add significance to the piece by clashing with norms that make it outrageous, scandalous, weird or outstanding. Here are a few of Miami’s best bizarre art pieces that require some contemplation.

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Mr. Osrin has a few good choices for the best bizarre public art pieces, including the famous Coral Castle.  I think the new Gandhi Statue in Davie could be included just for the fact that its in Davie of all places.  What other public works stick out?  Remember the blue bikes parked everywhere?  Or the lifesize bronze statue of the "Barefoot mailman" located at the Hillsboro inlet.  How about the the old bank door frame entrance on Riverwalk next to the train tracks in Fort Lauderdale? GL

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