Saturday, May 10, 2014

Video - Path of Beauty - Alone in a Museum - posted by FFAB

Path of Beauty
Path of beauty - Director's Cut Version.
A women walks in the Musée du Louvre, alone.
The woman : Eve Claudel
Director : Florent Igla
Music : Sigur Rós - "Suð Í Eyrum" This a director's cut version of a movie I've made for clients Musée du Louvre and Nintendo.

Have you ever been lucky enough to find yourself alone in a museum? 
If your a museum nerd like me getting to spend time alone in a museum is always special.  

I spent a little time everyday one summer in the Centre Pomidou in Paris.  After a week I figured out when the museum was least crowded and would return everyday at that time.  I would go straight to the top floor knowing that everyone else would start at the bottom that way I had the galleries to myself for an hour or so.  

I have also spent time alone in the Frick Museum in 
New York.  Whenever I'm in New York I make sure to visit the museum.  I arrive right when the museum opens and make a b line to my favorite painting, a Rembrandt self portrait. The painting is hung in a large hall that's completely on the opposite side from the museum entrance which means no one else taking a tour makes it to the room for 40 minutes.  That gives me plenty of time by myself in the large room with all the great paintings.  

The Boca Raton Museum has a great outdoor space with several large sculptures that is almost always empty.  It's my daughters favorite spot at the museum because she can run around and gets to touch all the artwork, two things she can't do inside.  Like the others I mentioned what makes it special is being alone, quiet and unrushed with the artwork in a museum space.  GL

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