Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Christie's Auction House Turned to Skatepark to Promote Upcoming Auction - posted by FFAB

If I Live I'll See You Tuesday: Contemporary Art Auction

Great video of Chris Martin skating around Christie’s to promote their next auction.  Beautifully shot and perfectly edited to the music.  The video also gives you a backstage peak into the bowls of the auction house something most of us will never get to see.  Chris is a lucky man, I have always wanted to skate around a museum or large exhibition hall, what fun that would be.  Gets me thinking, what would be the best museum to skate?  The Guggenheim in New York, right?  Start at the top, oh the possibilities!  

The Guggenheim

From Christies; 
This season, Christie’s presents an entirely new auction representing a uniquely dark and unflinching view of some of the best contemporary art created over the past five decades. Entitled If I Live I’ll See You Tuesday, after a work by Richard Prince featuring the same phrase, it includes works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, John Currin, Wade Guyton and Christopher Wool, among many others. Mark Grotjahn's Untitled (In and Out of the Darkness Face 43.01), Jeff Koons's Two Ball Total Equilibrium Tank (Spalding Dr. J Silver Series), Richard Prince's Untitled (Cowboy) Andy Warhol's Little Electric Chair are just a few of the highlights from this unique and distinctive sale. From the masterfully macabre to the curiously captivating, it is an auction unlike any you have experienced before.

Auction Times
May 12, 6:00pm, Lots 1-36
Sale Location
Christie's Saleroom
20 Rockefeller Plaza, New York

Link to more info

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