Friday, May 2, 2014

"All Decked Out" Skateboarding Exhibit at Polk Museum of Art - posted by FFAB

All Decked Out!
April 26, 2014 – July 20, 2014
Perkins Gallery

As part of Innoskate 2014, the exhibition All Decked Out! will celebrate the artistic and innovative spirit of skateboarding. Polk Museum of Art is proud to host an exhibition of contemporary artworks that smack of the edgy aesthetic so often associated with skating. Co-organized by Chad and Suzie Cardoza, two Tampa-based artists and independent curators of all things skate, this exhibition includes a diverse checklist of works by artists from around the country. Painted skate decks, skateboard photography, skate-related sketches, and assembled sculptures will coalesce to provide audiences a renewed glimpse into the unique and creative state of contemporary skateboard culture.

Polk Museum of Art website and show information

Skateboarding is as much a culture and lifestyle as it is a sport.  The skateboard aesthetic was formed right from the beginning while gear and tricks were still being created.  Some of the artwork found on decks deserves to be considered worthy of hanging in a museum setting.  

Elevating a street design like this will draw in a new crowd that might not have gone to a museum otherwise at the same time educating the regular museum goers to a culture they had not previously been exposed to.  This is the kind of value a museum can bring to it's community.  Bravo, Polk! GL

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