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Haute Living / Zaha Hadid: The World’s Brightest Architecture Star Lights Up Miami - posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Zaha Hadid
In the "City of Towers" at the Zaha Hadid Design Gallery in London

Zaha Hadid: The World’s Brightest Architecture Star Lights Up Miami 
Haute Living / by Hadley Henriette

From the article - One Thousand Museum condominium tower in downtown Miami.  The tower will stand out in Miami’s skyline and is ZHA’s first residential tower in the Western Hemisphere. With a maximum of two units per floor, beginning at 4,600 square feet and going up to 10,000, the flow-through units with sunrise and sunset views will be spectacular and spacious.
The building’s design will push Miamians’ concept of modernity to the limit, but they appear to be an eager audience to explore their edges. In addition to smart home technology, high-speed elevators and a bank-style vault, residents will enjoy custom kitchens by Gatto Cucine, closets by Molteni & C and touches like Zaha Hadid Design doorknobs.

The building and its common spaces, which include a spa, wellness center, indoor pool and lobby, will feature ZHA’s classic undulating lines and lack of right angles as well as a signature scent which will be created by 12.29. Any number of Hadid’s designs, including the vases she made for Allesi or furniture for B&B Italia will be right at home here. “I think it’s quite flexible,” she says of the spaces. “Of course, it would be very nice if you could incorporate some of these pieces, which are more fluid, but it’s not actually necessary.” 

The One Thousand Museum project is setting the city abuzz with the prospect of getting it’s own ZHA oeuvre. “We simply haven’t yet had a residential tower designed by an architect of Hadid’s caliber in Miami, nor have we seen the level of amenities that this extraordinary building will provide,” says Mayi de la Vega, CEO and Founder of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty in South Florida.

 One Thousand Museum

Despite all the praise, Hadid has her feet firmly planted on the ground. She’ll do any kind of building as long as she feels it is a boon to society. “At the end of the day, space is supposed to enrich your life. Those of us who are lucky, have a home,” she says. “The public domain is very important [to me] because not everybody has luxurious places to live. That’s why schools libraries, theaters and museums should be very interesting.”

Please read the whole article found here 

Downtown Miami is quickly becoming the most modern downtown with the most compelling public and private projects in the US.  My wife Christine and I were able to see some of Zaha Hadid's newest models at the convention center during Art Basel week a few years ago.  Christine feels Zaha is the most courageous architect working today. The fact that Christine is currently working on a small project two blocks away from Zaha's new project in downtown Miami is very exciting for her.
The article by Haute Living has some good bio information as well as fantastic photographs of some of Zaha's latest projects. GL

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