Thursday, November 14, 2013

Donate Today to US Veteran Artists Going to Art Basel Week - posted by Forida Fine Art Blog
Please Donate Today!

From my friend/artist/gallery owner/foundation director David Mcleish; 

I am actively trying to raise funds to get these two - gentlemen to Miami from Jacksonville, for the MiMO Basel art exhibition on December 5th, so it is time sensitive. You have no idea what this means to them. You will be donating hope - and healing. They have worked very hard to overcome so much and deserve a chance. Please forward this to anyone who might be in a position to be of assistance. You will not regret giving to these to men. As some of you know they have given so much they have fought very hard for our country and are currently fighting to maintain their life back home, and a few bucks will make their dreams come true. Please click link below and forward this off to anyone to whom you feel might be in a position to assist. Thank you for your time and donation. Grateful, David
Link to Donate here
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