Tuesday, February 7, 2012

St. Petersburg is Cashing In as a Top Cultural Destination - by Florida Fine Art Blog

One of the things I hope I am highlighting on this blog is how important arts and culture are to the overall economy of Florida.  With a State like ours, where tourism is the main industry , having world class cultural venues is essential.  To that end, no other city in Florida, save Miami, has been more  proactive in building and programing to capture those coveted cultural tourism dollars than St. Petersburg.  And its paying off big time.  Below are some comments from different travel blogs all raving about visiting St. Petersburg.  AOL Travel recently added the new Dali Museum to a list of one of the top buildings you have to see before you die.  American Style Magazine has picked St. Petersburg #1 of the Top 25 Arts Destinations in America (for midsize citys) for several years running. 

Quotes from the Travel Blogs;
"In addition to the fabulous art museums and galleries which are basically all located right downtown sitting on the Bay, one can shop and dine in dozens of exciting and interesting retail shops and restaurants...We were really impressed with the talents and creativity of a Master Pottery Artist, Don Williams. So impressed that we purchased one of his works...It is indeed one of the finest cities in the country to visit. Art is EVERYWHERE in downtown St. Petersburg."  purpleroofs.com

"St. Petersburg, Florida is certainly one of the very major art destination cities in the country. Sure, New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, etc. offers a large variety but for a medium size city in the country, no city can even come close to what St. Petersburg has to offer."  gayapolis.com

While The Dali is the main attraction other great venues are close by.  There is the Tampa Museum of Art, Museum of Fine Arts of St. Petersburg, The new Chihuly Collection is presented by and near The Morean Arts Center and there is the great artist hangout and studio space - Crislip Arcade.  If you have the time, The Ringling Museum of Art is just a short drive south.  The Ringling is a 30-room mansion and the location of an impressive Rubens collection, among other works. It was once the home of circus founder John Ringling.

With all the positive press and great attractions, hotels have been filling up, restaurants crowded.  St Petersburg is no longer just a side trip from Orlando or Bush Gardens.  The city has become a world class arts destination and even in this slow economy is growing by leaps and bounds.  Enjoy!  GL

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