Monday, February 6, 2012

Ocean Drive -- Kristen Thiele Paints Hollywood's Golden Age -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Ocean Drive Magazine - by  Brett Sokol
Second generation Miami Beach Artist Karen Thiele gets a great write up by Brett in Ocean Drive.  This former punk rock bassist/bartender/artist has been honing her craft in Miami Beach since before Miami Beach and Modern Art were so synonymous.  GL

From the Article; "... Of course, growing up as the daughter of two of Miami’s best-known artists during the ’70s and ’80s —painter-turned-sculptor Robert Thiele and painter Shirley Henderson—one might see Kristen as simply carrying on in the family business. Indeed, she’s quietly become one of Miami’s most impressive artists in her own right, crafting figurative paintings that are technically accomplished while still full of wonder, particularly in her latest series, After Hours, which plumbs Depression-era Hollywood to capture the more ambiguous moods underlying that period’s classic screwball comedies..." 

Read the whole article here
Kristen Thiele website  

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