Monday, February 6, 2012

New York Times highlights Jerry Uelsmann show in LA -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

by James Estrin
Before Photoshop allowed image makers to bend reality to their will with a single keystroke there was Jerry Uelsmann. He created surreal images the hard way — not with digital shortcuts, but working in a darkroom with seven enlargers and multiple negatives.
Now that’s layers.
Mr. Uelsmann — who grew up in Detroit and taught at the University of Florida — strove to create personal images that did more than just record literal facts. He transformed individual pictures into magnificent metaphors that suggested deeper truths. His work is featured in a group show, “Digital Darkroom,” at The Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles. The exhibit explores the intersection of art and technology and features 16 digital artists including Maggie Taylor, who is married to Mr. Uelsmann. It opens Dec. 17 and runs through May 28.

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