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Tribute to American Painter Robert Butler - posted by FFAB

Tribute to American Painter Robert Butler-Florida Wildlife & Landscape Artist

At South Florida State College

November 4, 2014 all day
SHOWING: September 2014-December 2014

Robert Butler, is an American painter best known for his paintings of the wildlife and woods around Florida’s Everglades area. He was a member of the well-known African-American artist’s group, The Highwaymen. He was inducted into the Florida Artists Hall of Fame, along with the other original Highwaymen.

Butler developed his own style, which was exemplified by fine detail and a dramatic, romantic lighting. He painted every Florida ecosystem with an abiding love for the swamps, palmetto flats, hardwood forests, rivers, lakes, pine flats, and wildlife of wild Florida.

For many years, I’ve lived close to nature and witnessed the beauty my privileged eye has been allowed to see. As an artist, it is important to me to share my experiences, and whenever I work, it is the larger view that I strive to maintain. I invite you to look at your experience in the same way. The textured tapestry we call reality is constantly changing. An artist is one of the few who will be privileged to add his or her special splash of color. My love for the land is the strength behind my paintings, and I know there are many others who share my feelings.
– Robert Butler

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Robert was a great artist and a great man.  His work will live on to tell the story of Florida before the mass development.  The wildlife in his paintings is what distinguished him from the other Highwaymen.  Every Florida hunter I know has one of Robert's paintings in their collection.  GL

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