Saturday, October 4, 2014

Seeing the Unseen: Photography and Video Art in China Now at the Ringling - posted by FFAB

Li Wei (1970-) Li Wei Falls to the Earth, 2012, 120x212 cm, C-Print, Courtesy of the Artist.

Seeing the Unseen: Photography and Video Art in China Now
The Ringling
Till February 2015

This exciting exhibition features photographic and video works by important contemporary Chinese artists. Reflecting art innovations of our media age, their works provide a fresh view of the changing cultural landscape in China. Unlike their predecessors, these new-generation artists are even bolder in applying new concepts and technology to record the inspiring moments veiled in daily life, and in creating startling and unexpected scenes. Performance and visual tricks are smartly incorporated into their works to create impressive visual and mental experiences, providing the opportunity for viewers to meditate on the invisible.

The artists in the exhibition, including Cao Fei, Li Wei, Wang Qingsong, and Miao Xiaochun, explore their individual approaches, subjects, and styles, while mixing aesthetic ideas, cultural expressions, and commercial inspiration. Individually and as a group, they use art photography and video to tackle issues of identity and experience, youth culture and urban development, history and memory, and the conflicts of tradition and commercialization in contemporary China.

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