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FL Artists Marcus Jansen among top three highest bids by living painters at AAG Auction - posted nby FFAB

Marcus Jansen among top three highest bids by living painters at AAG Auction, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
New York native artist Marcus Jansen was approached by "The Dutch Foundation for the preservation of Art & Culture" last year and asked to assist in their efforts by donating a work to benefit the Children's Art & Culture in the Netherlands.
Other artists in the (446 - Modern & Contemporary Art) auction included Jeff Koons (Balloon Dog (Red) (1995),  Keith Haring (Signed and dated 1989 l.m. Feltpen on paper, 28.1 x 21.8 cm) and David LaChapelle (Fish Stick: Devon Aoki in Agent Provocateur, London (1998) Edition of 50).
Jansen, b. 1968, New York, NY, who received a special mention with the AAG Auction house in initial press materials, was the exciting new comer in town and one of the promising American born painters at hist first International auction. In spite of Jansen having never showed in the Netherlands before, Jansen's work from 2003, titled (Maneken Pis, 48x36") work auctioned off as the third highest painting from the (226) lots of any living painter outbidding most Dutch painters as well as American artists like Jeff Koons (Dog), Keith Haring work on paper and David LaChapelle setting an impressive first auction price for an early work by Jansen from 2003.
The highest auctions by any living artist was Dutch born painter Henk Helmantal, b. 1945, Netherlands, (Medlars and quinces, 2012 l.r. Oil on board, 45.2 x 64.5cm), followed by (Der Baum, dated 23-1-85, 210.7 x 145.4cm), by Armando, b. 1929, Netherlands.
For Auction results visit: http://www.veilinghuisaag.com/catalog/online/lang/en_GB

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