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Painting bought for $200 proven as work of Salvador Dali - posted by FFAB

"The Intrauterine Birth of Salvador Dali" 
the recently discovered painting

Painting bought for $200 proven as work of Salvador Dali
By Anne Sewell
May 23, 2014 in Arts

Madrid - A painter and art historian was browsing in a store in Girona, Spain in 1988 when he found a canvas he suspected was painted by Salvador Dali. He paid 25,000 pesetas for the work (around $200) and took it home. It has now proven to be the work of Dali. 

Tomeu L'Amo told the media that by the colors and the style of the painting, he was pretty certain it was the work of Dali, but at that time he had no proof. Now his theories have been vindicated, he is over the moon. "I was very happy. I felt like a kid in a candy store," he told a news conference in Madrid. T

he reasons why it was not authenticated before included the fact that the signature on the painting has the date 1896, which was eight years before Dali was even born. Since then, during the period 2004 to 2013, the painting has been subjected to the latest high-tech tests, including X-rays, ultraviolet radiation and infrared photography. Art experts have now finally and categorically concluded that it is, indeed, the work of the surrealist Dali. It would have been painted around 1921 when Dali was 17 years old. 

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With so many Dali's being found to be fakes its nice to hear a story of one going the other way.  GL

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