Friday, June 20, 2014

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Episode 1

First Two Episodes of MOCAtv's 'Art in Video Games Los Angeles' Released

MOCAtv (the video channel for the Museum of Contemporary Art) has released "Art in Video Games Los Angeles" episodes one and two. Art in Video Games Los Angeles focuses on gaming culture and artists in Los Angeles and offers interviews with important industry veterans like Stephanie Barish, Tracy Fullerton, Richard Lemarchand, and Sam Roberts. Profiled in later episodes are the new school of game artists like Kellee Santiago and Jenova Chen (Journey), Ian Dallas (The Unfinished Swan), and Mark Essen (Nidhogg).

Episode one, "Strange Rain," features media artist Erik Loyer, who "uses tactile and performative interfaces to tell stories with interactive media."

"I think of games as instruments. Something that is constrained and has a particular idea of things it wants to get across, but you can also perform it in a lot of different ways," he says in the video.

Episode two, "Game On," features Eric Zimmerman (NYU Game Center), Tracy Fullerton (Director, USC Game Innovation Lab), and Erik Loyer, who introduce viewers to the contemporary turn in gaming. They discuss the innovations in authorship and user input, and the growing diversity of a once-monolithic industry.

Episode 2


You can find links both episodes below:
- Episode 1: STRANGE RAIN
- Episode 2: GAME ON

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