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  Nilda Comas
Nilda Comas is a world class artist and I am lucky to call her a friend.  We have collaborated on several shows over the years, produced a book of her work and I have visited her at her studio in Italy.  In fact one of my top five all time art experiences was my visit to the bronze foundry and marble studio she works with in Pietrasanta Italy.  I strongly suggest, if you have the chance, to make it over to one of Nilda's workshops, it will change your life!  She hold workshops in Fort Luaderdale, Italy and Puerto Rico.  Oh and she is great with kids and holds fun classes for young artists. 
Nilda sends an "art news update"via email from time to time and will begin posting them on the blog.  I have just cut and pasted the whole email below.  There are lots of links at the bottom if you wish to contact Nilda and find out more about her workshops.  Nilda is working on some big important projects as you will read and I look forward to seeing the new work.  
Nilda will be the next artist I interview for my "Artist Spotlight" so look for that soon!  GL
We welcome Fall!
Six students will attend "Living Among The Artists Workshop" for two weeks
In Pietrasanta Italy during the first two weeks in October.
Photo of Italy workshop
Already taking reservations for Italy Spring workshop. Please sign up early!               954-298-3621

NOVEMBER 22,23,24
  • techniques
  • anatomy
  • perspective
  • blocking-in
  • shading
Emphasizing the study of the horse in Art
Location: Palm Beach County at a Polo Pony Farm "hands on" with live horses our models
Lunch included RSVP please!!
$300.00 or $125.00 Per Day               954-298-3621

Much more news after the break...

Projects in Progress
Sculpture of T-Ball Player (life size) to be cast in bronze 
See sketch below. Sculpture to be placed at Holiday Park
T Ball 

Sculpture of Tequesta Indian for History Park by
the New River in downtown Ft Lauderdale ( being cast in bronze) 
Please see Bas relief sketch below
This "sketch" in plasticine will be cast in bronze.

Invitation to Groundbreaking for
Sculpture of "Florida" a Seminole Girl
October 27 at 10:00 A.M.
Presentation by The Seminole Tribe
Sculpture of "Florida" a Seminole Girl (life size) to be cast in bronze
See sketch below

We are happy to announce the sponsorship and partnership between The City of Ft Lauderdale, the Seminole Tribe of Florida and artist Nilda Comas with assistance from Elgin Jumper, Seminole, on the sculpture project "Florida" a Seminole Girl. This project involves many sections of our community including The Venetian Arts Society and Viva Florida 500.
Thank you!
At the Riverfront's Smoker's Park on the South side of the New River across from the Stranahan House

Creative Painting
Each Friday Night from 7pm to 9pm.

This fun class has become very popular! We have celebrated birthdays, had whole groups from different offices and families. Bring a beverage, a snack and get yourselves to a guided Art experience of Painting or Sculpture. You will be surprised how creative you can be!

$35 includes materials

Bring Your Own Drinks and Snacks


PLEASE RSVP!               954-298-3621

Please e-mail me if you would like information about my:
Workshops in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Spring or Fall Workshops in Pietrasanta, Italy


Please visit my WEBSITE  for more information and to register: WWW.SCULPTUREWORKSHOPCLASSES.COM

If you have questions or would like to register by phone please contact us today!

Nilda Comas
Legacy Art Studio
207 SW 5th Street
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 33301

954 527 5606 (Studio)
954-298-3621 (Cell)

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