Thursday, September 30, 2010

Support the Arts -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Why the arts matter, and what we can do to keep both alive in South Florida.

Dara and Jarett Levan had a great piece in the Sun-Sentinel last Saturday about the importance of the local arts community.  Some stats that jumped out at me were: "In Broward County, non-profit arts organizations generate over $150 million in total economic activity annually, with almost $90 million benefiting local restaurants, hotels, retailers, parking garages, and countless other businesses. There is also a significant increase in spending from "cultural tourists," compared to tourists who don't attend an arts event."

They even have some suggestions for how to get involved:
  • Support your favorite arts organization by becoming a member or subscriber, sponsoring an event or making a charitable donation.
  • Buy local art for gifts to friends and family.
  • Purchase tickets to area performances and give them as gifts.
  • Encourage your workplace to sponsor an arts organization or event.
  • Work to elect leaders who support arts and culture and understand the importance of creating a vibrant community.
  • Write an editorial about the value of arts education to your community.
  • Join an arts advocacy organization, such as the Arts Action Alliance of Broward or Funding Arts Broward (FAB!).
Link to Sun-Sentinel Article

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