Friday, September 17, 2010

Florida Artist David Mcleish Exhibition in Brooklyn on Saturday -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

"The Axiom is a group of International Artists who joined together to exhibit work and promote ideas on an international network."
This Saturday the group is having two shows open at once.  In Brooklyn they are opening at 12 noon and in Vienna at 7pm.  Both galleries will have video camera's and feeds to one an others space.   Everyone can check it out on Skype.  A Florida boy and damn good sculptor Dave Mcleish is one of the organizers and will be exhibiting new work.  The Pinion Gallery in Brooklyn and KRO ART in Vienna are hosting the international artist who will be showing work in a mixture of mediums.  This is a travelling exhibition with each artist playing host in their home city.  The show has been throughout Europe this summer and will be travelling to Philadelphia and Tampa before its end.  Check out the websites of each gallery for more information.  Dave will be the next Artist Spotlight Interview so look for that in the coming days.  GL

The Pinion Gallery website
KRO ART website
Axiom Project website

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