Monday, April 10, 2017

ArtWalk at the Projects in FATVillage - Grand Opening of "Opposing Futures" Saturday, April 29 - posted by FFAB


FATVillage Projects, 523 NW 1st Ave, Fort Lauderdale
Curated by Leah Brown, Elle Schorr, Peter Symons

April 29th 6-10 pm

May 27th 6-10 pm
June 24th 6-10 pm
Artist talks: May 18 7 pm

About Opposing Futures:
Human beings have always imagined what the future might have in store. Yet speculative fiction writers and filmmakers seem to have grappled with these ideas more than have the creative thinkers in the realm of visual art. This exhibition seeks to change that. Opposing Futures is an exhibition of contemporary art by 19 Florida artists/artist teams who are envisioning what may actually lie ahead.

Will we solve the world’s health, water, food and energy problems? Bring prosperity to the far corners of the globe? Extend the life cycle? Weave technological innovation into meaningful and productive activity from youth through advanced old age? Expand civilization into outer space?Bring about world peace?

Or…will we succumb to regional conflicts, bombs and biological/chemical warfare, or digital takeovers, overt and covert actions, fears of “the other”, climate change, environmental destruction, epidemics, famine, natural disasters?

Who will win? Who will lose? How will these and other changes affect our societies, and what consequences may flow from these changes? What new challenges will arise?

Curators Leah Brown, Elle Schorr and Peter Symons have challenged artists from across South Florida to envision and create new artworks based on these and their own questions about what the future holds. Artworks are across all media, including traditional art forms and media, as well as performance, video, installation and interactivity.

Devin Caserta
Orlando Chiang
Jenny Day
Shannon Ellis
Ryan Farrell
Isabel Gouveia
Kim Heise and Ingrid Barreneche Collaboration
Sibel Kocabasi
Beju Lejobart
Daniel Listwan
Fahan Sky McDonagh
Sue Montoya
Rick Newton
Glomus Orbis Collaboration
Karina Pais
Elle Schorr
Christina Nicola Sidberry
Laurencia Strauss
Peter Symons

About the Curators:
Elle Schorr is an artist and independent curator living and working in Lake Worth, Florida. She has exhibited her artwork widely, and has garnered critical attention for her multiple perspective/single image photographs. She has created and leads an ongoing monthly series of Art Salons at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach, focusing on artist lectures that explore how individual professional art practices relate to the broader world of contemporary conceptual art.

Leah Brown and Peter Symons are both independent artists as well as the Exhibitions Directors and Curators of the FATVillage Projects in Fort Lauderdale, FL for the past 6 years. Together, they have put on more than 50 major art exhibitions in FATVillage Arts District, and have received funding for the FATVillage 501c3 non-profit from the Knight Foundation, FAB!, Broward County Cultural Division, Whole Foods, the Florida Panthers, the City of Fort Lauderdale among others. They also form the design team of the public art company, Art+Light+Space Inc, which creates socially engaged, technology-driven artworks for permanent public settings.

About FATVillage:
FATVillage (Flagler Arts and Technology) Arts District is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and is located along the FEC railway line in the 500 block of NW 1st Avenue (between NW 5th St and historic Sistrunk Blvd) just North of downtown Fort Lauderdale. Monthly Artwalks draw thousands of viewers from all over South Florida and beyond. FATVillage supports the creation and exhibition of challenging work that is outside the realm of commercial galleries, allowing for a critical dialog between artists, curators and the public. Here, artists and curators are provided opportunities to show experimental, immersive, and non-traditional media, and to create and install new works on site.

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