Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Los Angeles MOCA Mulls Pact With National Gallery - posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Monica Almeida/The New York Times

Los Angeles MOCA Mulls Pact With National Gallery By The New York Times

Struggling to maintain its independence in the face of dwindling resources, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles is close to working out a five-year agreement with the National Gallery of Art in Washington to collaborate on programming, research and exhibitions, according to the chairman of the Gallery’s board of trustees.

Any agreement would not include financial or fund-raising assistance for the Los Angeles museum, leaving its fiscal problems unsolved. But an agreement could help lift its own efforts to raise money and ward off, at least temporarily, a merger with a wealthier and more powerful neighbor: the Los Angeles County Museum of Art or the University of Southern California.

“The goal at this point is stabilizing them and get them standing as an independent institution,” said John Wilmerding, chairman of the board of the National Gallery. “We’d like to see them survive and thrive, and if we can help them, that’s all we’re doing.”

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More and more museums are looking for strategic partnerships to help in these troubled times.  Like our own Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art partnering with Nova Southeastern University to the sucess of both institutions. These new associations help to bring much needed synergy between our institutions.  Going forward the more partnerships and sharing of resources we can organize the stronger each institution will be.  GL

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