Friday, February 4, 2011

Purvis Young -- Happy Birthday -- by Florida Fine Art Blog

Purvis Young  (February 4th 1943 - April 20th 2010)

Purvis was born in Liberty City, Miami.  One of Miami's most celebrated artists Purvis is now shown in museums and gallery's around the world.   Being well known seemed to really please Purvis.  He also really enjoyed attention, something I  have found rare in most artists.  At gallery openings Purvis would have a line of people all day waiting to speak to him and he never seemed to tire of the conversation.  He would take great delight in pointing out that some of the most famous artists work and his occupied the same museum space.  

Purvis the artist was pure.  The work was created without filter, it flowed from Purvs naturally without editing.  He worked fast and spontaneous and over the years he developed a language of symbols so he could express his thoughts and feelings without judgment.  This stream of consciousness process that he created was fascinating to watch.  The way he held a brush and the way he pushed the paint around always reminded me of the master calligraphers in Japan.  There was an elegance to it.  

Its still hard to write about Purvis, he would have been 68 today. 

I have a website that has some great information about Purvis and a library of some of his paintings.  There is a nice collection of some of the more important articles written about Purvis, a page with all the video I can find on Purivs and even a list with links to all the Museums Purivs' work is show.   I will put some page links below to direct you to the specific pages.

The video above is from 2006 titled "Purvis of Overtown."  A wonderful documentary about Purvis, his work and his beloved Overtown, Miami.  GL

Purvis Young Newspaper Articles
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