Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Lure of Florida Fishing - Museum of Florida History- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

The Lure of Florida Fishing

Museum of Florida History - March 14th to August 26th

Discover how the Sunshine State got hooked on fishing as you explore this special exhibit about the rise of sport fishing in Florida. Learn about the growth of recreational fishing in the late 19th century and how it became such a popular pastime today. More than 100 artifacts, including tackle, trophies, and fish mounts, highlight significant periods in Florida's angling history. Stunning paintings by William Aiken Walker and Stanley Meltzoff depict the natural beauty of aquatic life. You can even try your hand at Florida fishing on a Nintendo Wii.

Catch The Lure of Florida Fishing at the Museum of Florida History from March 14 to August 26. Parking and admission are free. For more information, call 850.245.6400 or email

Check out the schedule of events here

My Great Grandfather came down to South Florida around 1912 for the fishing and my family has had a line in the water ever since.  With news of the fifth or sixth snow storm in a row up north this year I am thankful the fishing was good on my Great Grandfathers first trip.   Fishing has always been a lure to Northerners with ideas of catching giant ocean game fish. GL

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