Thursday, September 30, 2010

Support the Arts -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Why the arts matter, and what we can do to keep both alive in South Florida.

Dara and Jarett Levan had a great piece in the Sun-Sentinel last Saturday about the importance of the local arts community.  Some stats that jumped out at me were: "In Broward County, non-profit arts organizations generate over $150 million in total economic activity annually, with almost $90 million benefiting local restaurants, hotels, retailers, parking garages, and countless other businesses. There is also a significant increase in spending from "cultural tourists," compared to tourists who don't attend an arts event."

They even have some suggestions for how to get involved:
  • Support your favorite arts organization by becoming a member or subscriber, sponsoring an event or making a charitable donation.
  • Buy local art for gifts to friends and family.
  • Purchase tickets to area performances and give them as gifts.
  • Encourage your workplace to sponsor an arts organization or event.
  • Work to elect leaders who support arts and culture and understand the importance of creating a vibrant community.
  • Write an editorial about the value of arts education to your community.
  • Join an arts advocacy organization, such as the Arts Action Alliance of Broward or Funding Arts Broward (FAB!).
Link to Sun-Sentinel Article

Elite Auction House Opens New Gallery in South Florida -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Elite Decorative Arts Opens New Gallery in South Florida

A new auction house has opened at the Town Center at 1034 Gateway Boulevard, Suite 106, in Boynton Beach.  They describe themselves as a  "New York-Style Auction Gallery" specializing in fine decorative arts, paintings, estate jewelry and gold. 

"South Florida has a vast array of antique and collectibles. Our gallery and auction facility is a perfect compliment to this elite market," said Chris Hayes, president of Elite Decorative Arts. "We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service when appraising, buying, or selling antiques."  The company noted that its website will contain online bidding of merchandise, auction results, a blog, updated news and press center, schedule of sales, Facebook and twitter links, as well as videos.  

I have not heard of Elite before and will be checking out their website and auction on October 30th.  If you have not been to an art auction before they can be very entertaining and educational; just make sure you keep your hands down until you know what you are doing!  GL

Link to article about Elite
Elite Website

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT -- David McLeish -- by Florida Fine Art Blog

Axiom Project, a traveling group show featuring International artists and the artwork of Florida Artist, David McLeish, opened its American leg of the tour in Brooklyn this past Saturday. The show runs for ten days and then will be moving to Philadelphia and then Tampa. The Pinion Gallery in Brooklyn is hosting the event. (Check gallery website for dates and times.) David McLeish with his business partner Matt Miley are the hosts of this leg of the art show which spent most of the summer touring European cities. The show is made up of about 7 artists who each committed new work and hosted the show in their home city.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Florida Artist David Mcleish Exhibition in Brooklyn on Saturday -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

"The Axiom is a group of International Artists who joined together to exhibit work and promote ideas on an international network."
This Saturday the group is having two shows open at once.  In Brooklyn they are opening at 12 noon and in Vienna at 7pm.  Both galleries will have video camera's and feeds to one an others space.   Everyone can check it out on Skype.  A Florida boy and damn good sculptor Dave Mcleish is one of the organizers and will be exhibiting new work.  The Pinion Gallery in Brooklyn and KRO ART in Vienna are hosting the international artist who will be showing work in a mixture of mediums.  This is a travelling exhibition with each artist playing host in their home city.  The show has been throughout Europe this summer and will be travelling to Philadelphia and Tampa before its end.  Check out the websites of each gallery for more information.  Dave will be the next Artist Spotlight Interview so look for that in the coming days.  GL

The Pinion Gallery website
KRO ART website
Axiom Project website

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Clyde Butcher leaves the Swamp -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Clyde and his wife are leaving Big Cypress after almost 40 years.  Clyde will now stay at his second home and studio in Venice, Florida.  The Studio and Gallery in Big Cypress will remain open to the public.  What an amazing privilege it must have been to stay way out in the Glades for so many years.  Now that the Butchers are getting older it makes sense to move back to civilization but it must be hard.  Luckily for us the Gallery will remain open.

Nice article from the Everglades Foundations website about the move.

Miami Herald's VISUAL ARTS EVENTS CALENDAR - posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Its getting to be that time of year again, once the weather cools down a bit the Art Festivals start.  There is so much to see now in South Florida, it seems like there is an event every weekend.  Come December there is an important event every day.  What joy!  Better to start planning early.  Here to help is the Miami Herald's VISUAL ARTS EVENTS CALENDAR.

South Florida Artists Extravaganza in Delray this Saturday Night -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

This Saturday night, September 18th Kevro's Art Bar in Delray is hosting an art event featuring local artists!  There will be live music, poetry readings and new artwork displayed at the funky little bar.  Kevero's is just two blocks south of Atlantic Ave in downtown Delray.  This event is cover-free, but there will be a two-drink minimum (maybe you’ll even get a free comedy routine). Kevro’s Art Bar is located at 166 SE Second Ave. in Delray Beach. Call 561-274-0007.

Kevro's Art Bar website

The Ups and Downs of the Hirst Market -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

The Economist has an article this week about the roller coaster ride investors of Damien Hirst have been on the past few years. At the height pieces sold for over $150 million dollars.  No other artist has commanded such high prices but the bubble that was created by the over exuberant buyers has certainly burst. 

The Economist --

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Buildings You Have to See Before You Die -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Fun article from AOL Travel about all the great new museums being built around the world.  The Salvador Dali Museum in St. Pete is featured first!  I blogged about the new Dali museum here.  GL

AOL Travel article can be found here.