Thursday, May 27, 2010

Casa D' Angelo Ristorante -- by Florida Fine Art Blog

For the first restaurant review we do on this blog I thought I would start at the top of the food chain, Casa D’ Angelo in Fort Lauderdale.  The restaurant is Christine and my favorite and we celebrated our second wedding anniversary there last week. Casa D’ Angelo is Italian, Tuscan cooking done with great skill and the freshest of ingredients.

Miami Art Collector Sues Artist -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Interesting article about dealing with the upper echelon of the art world.  The sense of entitlement and large egos displayed by both parties in the lawsuit are staggering.  The only problem is it looks like they ran into a tough New York Judge.  From the Article; Annoyed at a New York hearing delayed by Robins and Zwirner's extensive travel schedules, U.S. Judge William H. Pauley III snapped in open court: ``Apparently this litigation is the sport of kings, among a wealthy art patron and a successful gallery owner. "Excuse me," he continued "if I'm not impressed." GL

Miami art collector sues artist - South Florida

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bonnet House in the New York Times -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

A nice write up on the Bonnet House in Fort Lauderdale.  The Bonnet House has been getting a lot of much deserved press lately.  It's a special place near and dear to my heart, please go visit, the Bonnet House is a unique gem. GL

Museum Quality | Florida Tropicale - T Magazine Blog -

Space Shuttle Atlantis lands for final time -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Atlantis made its final landing at Cape Canaveral today. The Space Shuttle Atlantis, the last manned space craft built for NASA, began flying way back in 1985. She flew 32 missions, carried a total of 135 Astronauts into space and back, spent 282 days in orbit and traveled a staggering 115,770,929 miles. What a record! Atlantis' last voyage carried the art beads, "Beads of Courage" for kids dealing with cancer, a story I blogged about earlier. (That story can be found here) It is sad to think we are now in the process of retiring the Shuttle fleet without a replacement craft ready to take over. The two remaining Shuttles, Discovery and Endeavor, will make their last flights this year. For my entire life we have been sending men and women into space, now we will have to wait and hope for a new program to begin. There are some plans but no firm commitment. And as we wait and see, other countries like India and China are making their way to the moon. It has been 49 years since Alan Shepard took off from Cape Canaveral and started America's manned voyage into space. Let's hope the voyage continues.  GL
Space shuttle Atlantis lands for final time - KOLD News 13

NYC's Whitney to Build New Downtown Museum -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Architect Renzo Piano will be building the new Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City. The $680 million dollar project is projected to be completed in 2015. Renzo Piano recently completed the spectacular new wing at the Chicago Art Institute (pictured above).  The Whitney holds one of New York's finest museum collections and the new six-story building will allow them to display more of the collection at once. Two questions still remain, will they be able to raise the money and what will happen to the current museum space uptown. The Whitney will break ground in 2011. GL

The Associated Press: NYC's Whitney to build new, bigger downtown museum

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Free Museum Visits For All Actice Duty Service Members -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Check out this great program. The National Endowment for the Arts and Blue Star Families have joined forces to bring a great program, Blue Star Museums. From Memorial Day (May 31, 2010) through Labor Day (September 6, 2010) all active duty service members and their immediate family (up to 5 family members, including spouse, child or sibling) can visit the 600 participating Museums free! I am happy to see most Florida Museums are participating. You can find a list of the Florida Museums here. GL

Blue Star Museums Honor Roll | Blue Star Families

Traditional Rome changes course with first modern art museum -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

A new Modern Art Museum in Italy is opening this week. The museum was designed by Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid. Zaha Hadid is a favorite of my wife and I. We saw a wonderful exhibition of her work in 2006 at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Zaha is an architect who consistently pushes the boundaries of architecture and urban design. This is, incredibly, the first contemporary art museum in Rome. From the article; The MAXXI's sleek modern exterior manages to reflect elements of the eternal city. Rome isn't just one city, but many built on top of each other spanning the epochs from Etruscan to Roman to medieval and beyond. "The project emerges in its early phase of as many layers resting on each other," Hadid said in 2008. "The idea is to make a layered space or a layered city almost at once, as if learning from history and how the layering worked." GL

Traditional Rome changes course with first modern art museum | Art & Architecture | Deutsche Welle | 23.05.2010

Arts education key to Florida's future -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Nice opinion piece in this weeks Sun Sentinel Mindy Shrago is founder and executive director of Young At Art Children's Museum in Davie.

Arts education key to Florida's future - South Florida

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Florida Artist's Work Sent Into Space -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Wow, three of my favorite things in one story. Florida Art, NASA and Children's Charities.   Port Charlotte glass artist Terri Fout has been making glass beads for Children's Charities. The beads are given as "beads of courage" to mark special milestones for kids fighting cancer .  NASA has decided to take some of the beads up into space on one of the Space Shuttles last missions so the children know that “Astronauts in space were thinking of them and their journeys.”  What a great cause. GL

Local artist’s glasswork hurtles through space | | Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte Newspaper | News, Business, Real Estate and Arts in Charlotte County FL | Florida

CBC News - World's biggest art thefts -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

CBC News has complied a list of the largest art thefts of the past decade. It seems that art theft is fourth most profitable crime after money laundering, drugs and arms trafficking. The FBI estimates that $6 billion is nabbed annually! Amazing. GL
CBC News - Art & Design - In Depth: World's biggest art thefts

Five paintings worth nearly $613 million stolen in Paris -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Thou shall not steal art! The authorities believe this was the work of one person. There is little chance the paintings could be sold on the open market so the thief must have a private collector already in mind.  Lets hope the paintings have not been damaged and they are recovered quickly.  GL

Five paintings worth nearly $613 million stolen by lone thief in Paris

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT -- A. E. "Beanie" Backus -- by Florida Fine Art Blog

A. E. "Beanie" Backus 
Florida's Landscape Master
1906 - 1990

Albert Earnest Backus was born in Fort Pierce, Florida in 1906, two years after his parents moved from New Jersey to the small and sparsely populated town along the south east coast of Florida.  Just after the turn of the century the local economy was based on fishing and agriculture.  The beaches, rivers and backwoods hammocks were of remarkable beauty.  This is much of what we see in Backus’ paintings:  the unspoiled tropical landscapes and scenic countryside that would later be lost to development.

At an early age, “Bean” as he was called by his family, and “Beanie” to friends, had an affinity towards art.  First working with watercolors; painting small pictures of local points of interest and portraits of friends, he soon began to paint backdrops and signs of coming attractions for a local Fort Pierce theater.  Requests for more pictures followed.

Port Everglades worker arrested in art theft -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Thou shall not steal art!   Especially an Angel painted by the great Peter Max.  GL

Port Everglades worker arrested in art, sports memorabilia theft

Graffiti art tour in Wynwood on Bikes! -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

This Saturday, bike through Wynwood Art District with a tour of the graffiti art. Some of the best and biggest walls of graffiti are in Wynwood. Sounds like a fun event. GL

To find out more -

Graffiti art tour in Wynwood brings cyclists, communities together free of charge - Upper Eastside -

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tour 10 galleries this Saturday for "Beaches Gallery Tour" -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL is having a fun event this Saturday, the annual "Beaches Gallery Tour". From 10am to 5pm ten galleries will be having openings. This self guided gallery tour follows the beach near Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl just south of Jacksonville, FL. Many of the galleries will have demonstrations by local artists. Great free event for the whole family. GL

Tour 10 galleries from Atlantic Beach to Ponte Vedra Beach |

Anonymous donor gives Georgia O'Keeffe painting to Florida Museum -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

The Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, FL just got a new Georgia O'Keeffe painting from an anonymous donor. "The donor is not even a museum member but she loved visiting and her favorite painting was O'Keeffe's Poppy, one of the collection's most beloved works, and wanted the museum to have the one she owned." What an impressive gift to be included with this already substantial art collection. Museums do make acquisitions of their own but it is the generous gifts from donors that make up most museums' collections. GL

Anonymous donor gives Georgia O'Keeffe painting to Museum of Fine Arts - St. Petersburg Times

Monday, May 17, 2010

Miami Gallery & Bar Showing Local Artist -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

In a great area of Miami, downtown on Brickell, is a gallery/bar named RedBar. The owners show local artists! I've never been myself but will check it out next time I'm in Miami. The Brickell area has some of the best new restaurants and amazing bars, especialy the rooftop bars in the big trendy hotels. Very Cool! GL

Arts starved of state funds -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Funding for the Arts in Florida are being cut again. The recession in Florida has made a dramatic difference where we spend our money. In 2007 the state allocated $32 million to the Arts or $2.26 per person, putting us in 7th place for states' art spending. This current fiscal year ending June 30th, Florida ranks in at 49th per capita spending with just 14 cents per person being spent. Next year's $70.6 billion dollar budget has just $950,000 dollars allocated for all the hundreds of non-profit art organizations throughout our state. That's a 65% cut from this year. It's obvious that you can't run an organization properly with funding being so chaotic. The art organizations will have to find new revenue sources to survive. The government can no longer be relied on for much help. Community outreach is the key. Organizations should focus on the needs of the community they serve and come up with new ways to attract a larger audience. The next patrons of the arts need to be cultivated; the younger generations in Florida are art savvy and need to be included in the discussion process. Thanks to the new social media, the younger generations are already organized and send each other far more information every day than any previous generation. Very few art organizations in Florida have taken advantage of these new incredible possibilities that are free and very effective. The organizations that tap into Florida's next leaders and patrons will flourish. 

To those who have a museum or organization in their city that they love, now is the time to show your support. Now is the time to write that check. We have some of the best art organizations in the world in Florida and today they desperately need your support. GL

St. Petersburg ranked as top arts destination -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog


American Style Magazine has ranked St. Petersburg No. 1 in an annual survey of the nation’s top "mid-sized U.S. cities" 25 arts destinations. St. Petersburg has a great art scene with fine galleries and world class museums. One of the best kept secrets of Florida is the Dali Museum. Most Floridian's are not even aware that all of Dali's best work is here in Florida. St. Petersburg is a town not unlike where Dali was born in Spain. The Museum sits right on the water next to the fishing boat fleets. With the ocean and fishing played such an important role in Dali's work, the museum is perfectly situated. The Dali Museum is undergoing a huge transformation which will be completed in January of next year. GL

Sunday, May 16, 2010

CALL TO FLORIDA WOMEN ARTISTS -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Show title: Witness To Creativity
-  Exhibition Dates – July 19,210 – August 28, 2010  

Fri., May 22, 2010 – postmark deadline for application

Show title:  First Annual Juried Exhibition

Exhibition Dates – November 19, 2010 – February 6, 2011 

July 15, 2010  – Postmark deadline for applications

Friday, May 14, 2010

“Le Iconique: Terribly Odd Solo Show” - Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Go see this show!  Terribly Odd, a Miami artist, is having a solo show in Lauderhill at The Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery.  The Bear and Bird is located on the second floor of Tate's Comics.  If you haven't experienced Tate's yet, you must go.  With over 6,000 square feet of retail space, Tate's is filled with comics, movies, books, toys, collectibles and memorabilia.   Plan to stay awhile because you can spend hours looking around.  As a big fan of anything Star Wars related this store is paradise for me!  The happy owners Tate and Amanda have always supported the local art scene but they took it a step further than most.   While they were expanding the comic store back in 2006 they added a gallery space to exhibit local artists.  Opened in 2007, The Bear and Bird Gallery has put on some great shows.  In fact some of the best group shows I have seen in South Florida have been in their little gallery above the comic store.  Tate and Amanda are warm and welcoming, stop by and say hi.  Now is a great time to visit because Terribly Odd is having a super show that should not be missed.  GL

The Gallery and Store are located at 4566 North University Drive - Lauderhill, FL 33351
The show runs thru June 12th

Tate's Comics
The Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery
Terribly Odd

Mayor Bloomberg vs Artists -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

The street artists in Paris, the ones around the Eiffel Tower, the ones that 30 years ago sold inexpensive beautiful watercolors and pastels of Paris to tourists, have all been replaced.  The artists have been replaced with salesmen, their original art works replaced with cheap prints.  They look like real artists with their paintings spread out on a blanket, some even have paints and brushes, but they are just props, no one is painting.  It turns out, some time ago, the wise elders of Paris started to charge the artists and require them to carry permits.   Artists work on the thinnest of margins, street artists doubly so.  Slowly but surely the artists stopped painting and a large company took over.  The company makes cheap prints and put salesmen on the city streets.  They do such a good job looking like artists most tourists never notice.  But I was shocked I could not find one real street artist in Paris.   It made the whole city seem fake to me, like Disney World.  Now New York is going down the same path.   How could artists be the problem with New York?  Have you ever heard of an artist causing trouble?   Has anyone ever complained that there was to much art?  Will there be nothing left to purchase from your trip to New York other than an "I Love New York" T-shirt or a Twin Towers ashtray?   Sad.   And one more thing, if the US Constitution's First Amendment doesn't protect someone's right to express themselves on paper and then sell that piece of paper on their city street block, then it has no meaning. GL

t r u t h o u t | Mayor Bloomberg vs Artists: The Battle for the Soul of New York City

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Purple Craze for Warhol -- posted by Florda Fine Art Blog


Now its Sotheby's turn!  Warhol and two of my other favorite artists had a big night.  A record price for Richard Serra, Corner Prop, went for $1,986,500 and a great Mark Rothko piece from 1961 went for $28 million!  GL

Warhol had another big evening, particularly in the case of Self Portrait (1986), a nine-foot-tall painting of Warhol wearing his now-famous fright wig was the star lot. Tom Ford owned the impressive painting, which is from a series of five. At least five bidders chased it until the bidding slowed at around $25 million. The contest narrowed to three bidders until the work was hammered at $29 million ($32.6 million with premium) to a Sotheby's phone bidder. The pre sale estimate was $10–15 million.

A 1948 Jackson Pollock with a pre-sale estimate of $4–6 million sold in the room after several telephone bidders tried unsuccessfully to obtain the work; it sold for $7.75 hammer, or $8,762,500 with premium. A sublimely red 1961 Rothko was bid up to $15 million between several telephone bidders and a standing bidder. After a brisk back-and-forth, it was hammered down for $28 million, or $31,442,500.

Purple Craze for Warhol - The Market - News & Opinion - Art in America

Finalists Announced in Knight Arts Challenge -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

MIAMI – The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation today announced the finalists in the third round of an annual contest that aims to bring together South Florida’s diverse community through the arts. The 41 finalists of the Knight Arts Challenge – which include festival organizers, a recording studio, theater groups, museums and municipalities – were picked from a wide-ranging field of applicants with a broad spectrum of ideas. Descriptions of the finalists’ projects are available below and at Next fall, Knight Foundation will announce the winners of the matching arts grants.

Finalists Announced in Third Year of Knight Arts Challenge - Knight Foundation

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Successful Week for Christie's -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Many new buyers, record prices and lots of enthusiasm marked the Postwar and Contemporary sale at Christie's. One of Jasper Johns "Flags" sold for $28.4 million far above the $10 - $15 million estimate. The painting was only owned by one previous owner, the late Michael Crichton. Mr Crichton's offered collection totaled $93.3 million, the highest ever total for a post-war collection. GL

Postwar and Contemporary Sale Is Stunning Success at Christie's -

HistoryMiami seeking to double its size -- posted by Flordia Fine Art Blog

The Historical Museum of Southern Florida now renamed HistoryMiami will be expanding into the space Miami Art Museum will soon be vacating. This will double the size of the museum. An often over looked museum HistoryMiami has great exhibitions focusing on South Florida history. GL

From the article; The museum envisions emphasis on a "South Florida Folk Life Center" complete with a venue for display art and cultural performances.
Logistics are still in the works, including how the museum might connect — or facilitate connectivity — between its existing facility and the neighboring but separate art museum space.

HistoryMiami seeking to double its size, add performance space

Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art - Latin American Collection -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art/Nova Southeastern University -- Latin American Collection

This show will be running at the Museum until December so everyone should go see it, no exscuses! One of the best collections of Latin American Artists work.  I missed the opening last Saturday but will be reviewing the show for the blog next week.

Pearl and Stanley Goodman Latin American Collection

Last weekend to see "Reflections: Paintings of Florida 1865-1965" -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Not to be missed. This private collection is every bit as good as the Vickers.  This collection includes every major painter from the past two centuries that came to Florida.  From John Bunyan Bristol, Sunset, St. Augustine, 1864 to Albert Ernest Backus, Egrets' Roost, Fort Pierce, ca. 1965.  This collection is truly complete.  I hope this exhibition gets to travel the state.  GL

Reflections: Paintings of Florida 1865 – 1965 From the Collection of Cici and Hyatt Brown
This exhibition has been drawn from the largest known private collection of Florida-based art in existence today. “Reflections” features masterworks by well-known American artists, including Thomas Hart Benton, William Aiken Walker, Martin Johnson Heade, Frederic Remington, Herman Herzog, Frederick Carl Frieseke, Walt Kuhn, N.C. Wyeth and Jane Peterson. 

FINAL DAYS! Closes May 17, 2010

Daytona Beach - Museum of Arts and Sciences > Reflections Debut Exhibition

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT -- Marcus Antonius Jansen -- by Florida Fine Art Blog


This past Saturday night one of the best painters in America, Marcus Antonius Jansen, had a show opening in the Miami Design District, at 101/Exhibit.  The show’s title is "ZEITGEIST" and Marcus has about 25 paintings, large and small, in the exhibition.   The show opening broke all attendance records for the artist with over 1,500 people in attendance.  The show is running until June 8th in Miami at Gallery 101/Exhibit.  Address: 101 NE 40th Street, Miami, Florida 33137.  After the show I posed a few questions to Marcus.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Amelia Island is for Artists -- posted by Flordia Fine Art Blog


Great programs being offered by artists all through the summer! Amelia Island has some great galleries. I will be featuring the Island and some of its best artists later this summer in my ARTIST SPOTLIGHT.  If you haven't been, its an art experience you won't soon forget.  Fun little southern town just crawling with artists. GL

Amelia Island is for Artists: Spend Some Creative “Island Time” | Amelia Island Living eMagazine & Travel Guide, Fernandina Beach

Frank Frazetta, Fantasy llustration Artist, Dies 82 -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

The king of wild fantasy illustrations died in Florida at the age of 82.  As a fantasy genre geek myself when I was young, I had a calender of his artwork and I may still have an old Molly Hatchet album he did the cover for.   Mr. Frazetta liked scantly clad warrior men and women.  The use of tiny metal bikini tops worn by busty warrior women may be his greatest contribution to his field, if not, it's what I appreciated most as a young boy.  Mr. Frazetta understood that fierce ugly dragons battling large muscle men with swords work better with scantly clad women around.  He will be missed. GL

R.I.P. Frank Frazetta, The Artist Of Our Fantasies - frank frazetta - io9

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Museum in Florida, Flush With Cash, May Be Expanding -- posted by Floirda Fine Art Blog

While most Florida museums are struggling, The Backus Gallery and Museum is making plans to expand.  Thanks to strong fiscal management, good community outreach and a new tourism grant the museum is flush with cash.  Museum Director Kathleen Fredrick is to be commended for her work.  Most museums become larger and larger over the years and end up being huge exhibition spaces that need the expensive traveling art shows to fill the space and draw crowds.  While these shows are interesting they do not reflect the needs or aesthetic of the local community.  The Backus Museum has maintained its focus on the community and the community has rewarded the museum with cash support.  I can only hope that the new plans to expand do not make the same mistakes our other museums have made and build so big that the museum no longer serves the town or city in which it was built.  GL

Backus Gallery anticipates expansion »

Friday, May 7, 2010

Wynwood Art Walk This Saturday! -- by Flordia Fine Art Blog

Every second Saturday of the month Wynwood Art District has an Art Walk.  Its a great night, walking from gallery to gallery.  There is music along the streets and every restaurant and art gallery does something special.  With more galleries than you can see in one night its best to take a map and have a plan.  This has really become quite a scene, even out of season during the hot summer months the art walk is packed.   My advice; show up early, keep moving and understand going in that your not going to see everything.  This Saturday I would suggest starting over in the Design District at 101 / Exhibition to see Marcus Jansen's new work and then its just a quick 5 minute drive south to Wynwood.  The streets are safe, the people watching incredible and the art stimulating.  Get out and see for yourself!  GL

Here's a Good Map of Wynwood

Marcus Antonius Jansen Talks About the Miami Art Scene -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog


This Saturday night one of my favorite painters and one of the best painters in America right now, Marcus Antonius Jansen, is having a show opening in the design District in Miami, at 101/Exhibition.  We are lucky to have Mr. Jansen in South Florida.  The shows title is "ZEITGEIST" and the paintings focus on major problems of the world that, from the artist's perspective, need more attention.   Having never met Mr. Jansen this Saturday will be a thrill for me; I hope to get some pictures and maybe even talk with him.  Please join me.  GL

An earlier blog post about the show can be found here

Renowned Painter: Miami Has "A Lot Potential" for Vibrant Arts Scene | NBC Miami

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Florida Highwayman R.L. Lewis Show Opening -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

The artist featured is R.L. Lewis, one of the original Highwaymen and the only one, that I know of, that went on to art school and then taught painting. R.L. Lewis kept the feel of the early Highwaymen paintings but added a level of technique that distinguishes his work from all the others. Mr Lewis's paintings depict a time in Florida long gone, where farming was the major industry and nothing was paved over yet.
The Highwaymen show will run from Friday May 7th till May 28th.
Meet the artist Friday May 7th from 6pm till 9pm
Manatee County Cultural Alliance Gallery, 926 12th St. W., Bradenton FL. GL

Florida's images from the highway Show Opening |

Artists as Teachers in Prisons -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Purvis Young painted in prison. He once said that there were only two choices when he was in prison; lifting weights or painting. Purvis figured out that lifting weights would just get him ready for more jail time but painting could lead to a better life. We are all grateful he chose painting. Think of how many Purvis' there are in our prison system today. Programs like this one can help to find them. GL

Daniel Grant: Artists as Teachers in Prisons

Master Sculptor Nilda Comas Lastest News -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

I have had the honor of visiting Nilda in Pietrasanta, Italy, one of the truly magical places in the world.  Being in Italy with Nilda was an art experience that tops the list.  Her generosity, knowledge and enthusiasm made for an unforgettable time.  Nilda has an arts studio in Fort Lauderdale where she works and teaches.  I highly recommend checking out her studio or even take a class.  Nilda teaches all ages!  GL

"Tribute to the Masters Art Exhibit" at The Gateway Art Gallery/ Gateway Bank of Central Florida  at 1632 East Silver Springs Blvd. in Ocala is open to the public from 10 to 5 Monday thru Friday.  On Friday May7th a group of members and guests from the Appleton Museum in Ocala will tour the exhibition. Nilda is showing eleven sculptures some in marble bronze or terracotta. There are several portraits on loan from collectors and a few life size pieces.

Mother's Day at the Museum -- posted by Florida Fine Art


This year treat your mother to our special Mother's Day Brunch served in the beautiful, glass conservatory of the Museum! The delightful meal and superb atmosphere will surely create wonderful memories! Special Sunday brunches offer a lavish display of breakfast foods, salads, entrées, and desserts. Future brunches will be hosted from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Mother’s Day, May 9. Reservations are strongly recommended for these dates, as they have been sold out in the past. Please call 727-822-1032.

Museum of Fine Arts . St. Petersburg, Florida . Events

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Oakland Park Mural -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

A new large mural going up in the city of Oakland Park! Driving around South Florida I always wonder why there are not more murals and outdoor sculpture. With our fabulous weather we are an outdoor society and the buildings, homes and public spaces lend themselves to large public artworks. Florida has talented artists ready to work "big" they just need the local support and opportunity. Some are coming around to the idea. Last Saturday Christine and I were on a boat touring the Intercoastal Waterway in Fort Lauderdale and I noticed that some of the big houses now have large outdoor sculptures. I hope this trend continues. GL

Artist works on Oakland Park mural - South Florida

Historic Key West Home Owned by Surrealist Artist William Copley For Sale -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

One of America's master surrealist, William Copley lived in Key West in his final years. The Blog "Historic Homes in Florida" has a nice write up of the house. GL

Historic Homes in Florida and the Key West House for Sale

Picasso sets record $106 Million -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog


A lot of records broken last night. Not that surprising considering the paintings that were in the auction, some of the best available in years. The star of the auction Picasso's "Nude, Green Leaves and Bust" went way above it's $68 million estimate, hammer price $106,482,500. Its a good sign for the overall art market when the auction houses post big sales. GL

Picasso piece sets record for art sold at auction | Reuters

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT -- Skot Olsen -- by Florida Fine Art Blog


Thursday, April 29th I sat down with Skot Olsen at Babylon Tattoo in downtown Fort Lauderdale to talk art.

Monday, May 3, 2010

This weekend! Art Walk Downtown Fort Myers -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Florida boasts some of the top outdoor art festivals in America.  The Fort Myers Art Walk is one of the best.  Meet artists and enjoy open galleries.  The summer is coming so get out there now and enjoy before it gets to hot.  GL

Fort Myers Art Walk - Art Walk Downtown Fort Myers
May 7th - 9th

Curious about contemporary art? How about a contemporary art boot camp? -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

This sounds like a worthwhile tour.  Everyone needs a little help understanding some contemporary art, even me!  GL


Contemporary Art Boot Camp

For information and registration, call 305.893.6211

Sunday, May 2, 2010

NEA awards 29 grants to Florida organizations worth $1,673,100 in federal grants -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Great to see the Great State of Florida win so many grants.  With art budgets across the state being slashed the money the NEA provides is urgently needed.  GL

National Endowment for the Arts awards 29 grants to Florida organizations| News | Florida Division of Cultural Affairs

Flush collectors ready to spend again on rare art -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

I am hearing more and more that the buyers for art are back.  I agree that things are improving and I am starting to see some action where there was none a year ago but we still have a long way to go to be back to any kind of normal.  The big auction houses in New York are pulling out all the stops by offering up the most exciting paintings we have seen in years.  There is no doubt that they will see sales; the question is will they break records?  GL

Flush collectors ready to spend again on rare art | Reuters

Newly found painting may be Leonardo da Vinci portrait -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

We have heard this story before.  Sometimes they end up real but more often then not they are fakes.  It seems faking great artists work has been done for hundreds of years.  The detective work used to find the truth would put any CSI show on TV to shame.  Only time will tell on this one.  GL

Newly found painting may be Leonardo portrait - CTV News

Soul Of Miami » Miami Museum Month Parties May 2010 -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

A great month to visit all the museums in Miami, all for one small price.  Get out there and see these great collections.  GL

Soul Of Miami » Blog Archive » Miami Museum Month Parties May 2010